Collection System Operations

William J. Cunningham
William J. Cunningham

Collection System Operations Manager

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Bill has been an employee of the Fountain Hills Sanitary District since 1980. Prior to joining the District he worked in construction as well as in the air conditioning field. Bill held the position of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Manager from 1982 to 1986. Mr. Cunningham became Collection System Operations Manager when that department was created in 1986. Bill holds Grade 4, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality certifications in Wastewater Treatment and in Wastewater Collections as well as a Grade 1 certification in Water Distribution.

As Collection System Operations Manager, Billís responsibilities include overseeing the operation, maintenance, inspection, repair, installation and extension of the Districtís wastewater collection system, reclaimed water distribution system, and its components to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of wastewater to the treatment plant.