A person wanting to connect to the Districtís sewer system must first execute a service agreement with the District. A service lateral or tap will be provided from the main sewer line to the property line. After the contractor connects the on-site plumbing with the lateral, the connection must be inspected. It is crucial that the connection be properly constructed since an improper installation can result in groundwater infiltration, root intrusion, and blockages.

Once constructed, inspected and approved, the entire service line from sewer main to the building being serviced is the responsibility of the property owner. When building a new home, prior to covering up the connection from the on-site sewer to the service lateral, the contractor must call the Fountain Hills Sanitary District for an inspection. Once inspected, the District will leave either a green or red Fountain Hills Sanitary District inspection tag on the connection. If the tag is green, you may proceed with the next phase of work. If the tag is red, there is a problem with the connection and you will need to contact the Fountain Hills Sanitary District as soon as possible. Do not proceed! If you cover up the connection either prior to an inspection or with a red tag, you will be responsible for digging up the connection for re-inspection.

To request an inspection, you may either call the District offices during business hours at 480-837-9444 or complete the online inspection request.