FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What service do you provide?

A: Fountain Hills Sanitary District provides wastewater treatment. We collect, treat & dispose of your wastewater.

Q: What happens to the wastewater once it is treated by Fountain Hills Sanitary District?

A: The water is treated to exceed state standards for Class A+ Recycled Water. It is then distributed to local golf courses and Town parks for irrigation.

Q: What steps do I take to drain my pool into the sewer system?

A: Call the Fountain Hills Sanitary District at 480-837-9444 prior to discharging your pool water into the sewer. There are certain restrictions that may be in effect your area.

Q: I want to construct a wall on my property or build a pool, do I need to call the Fountain Hills Sanitary District first?

A: Yes, before you construct a wall or build a pool you must find out if there are any easements on your property that may affect utilities. If so, you must complete either an Encroachment Permit or an Abandonment Permit prior to final approval by the Town of Fountain Hills.

Q: How much are the sewer user fees for my residence?

A: The current rate is $27.00 a month billed at $81.00 per quarter per unit for all residential users. Commercial rates are based on water consumption, see fee schedule for specific information.

Q: Can I pour toxic chemicals such as oil, gasoline, paint thinner or antifreeze down my drains?

A: NO! Do not ever dispose of these chemicals down the drains, if this happens it disrupts the treatment process. We would also add that items such as diapers, baby wipes, & feminine hygiene products should never be flushed into the sewer.

Q: If my house is vacant do I still have to pay sewer fees?

A: Yes, sewer user fees are charged whether or not you live in the home part time or full time. This is a flat rate that is charged to all homeowners in Fountain Hills.

Q: How do I address concerns or problems I have with District fees?

A: If you would like to address your concerns regarding our fees, you are welcome to attend a board meeting which is held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Q: What is my account number?

A: The Sanitary District uses a Book number and an Account number to identify your service address. You can find your book and account number several places on your bill. The first location is on the upper right hand corner under bill date, it is repeated again on the left side under account information and again on the left side under the bill date on the return coupon.

Q: Can you automate my payments?

A: Yes, our Auto-Pay program automatically debits your bank account on the bill due date. The program requires a signed application and a copy of a voided check, or a deposit slip in the case of a savings account. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks to process this request.

We also now offer On-Line payment options. With this method, you may pay your account with a credit card.

Q: What is an Availability Fee?

A: An availability fee is a charge levied against all property in the district which is not connected to the sewer system but which lies adjacent to a sewer line for the benefit to that particular parcel of property of having the sewer line and capacity in the treatment works and effluent disposal facilities to accommodate the development of the property. We bill annually (July 1 through June 30). Availability fee bills are mailed out at the end of December and are due in January, half way through the fiscal year.

Q: Why does it take so long for my online banking payment to be processed?

A: We recommend you authorize your online payment 10 days prior to the due date to avoid any delinquency. Your banking institution sometimes sends us a paper check via the United States Postal Service. The date that they mail it to us is the date they debit it from your bank account. We post it once we receive it, but first we must verify the account information. Any time the information on the online check matches more than one account, is incomplete or is incorrect it delays the processing time. If you utilize this method, please be sure both your Book and Account number are on the payment check and are correct.

Q: What day do you pickup my garbage?

A: We donít! The Fountain Hills Sanitary District provides only sewer service for the Fountain Hills area. For questions regarding your trash collection, please contact Republic Services.

Republic Services
4811 W. Lower Buckeye Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85043
602-237-2078 or 800-833-4316
602-237-2641 fax

Q. I am building a house in Fountain Hills. What do I need to provide the Sanitary District?

A: Prior to receiving a building permit from the Town of Fountain Hills, the owner or builder must come into the Fountain Hills Sanitary District administration office and pay for a Sewer Service Agreement. The original of this agreement is given to you to take to the Town of Fountain Hills building safety department to pickup your building permit. A building permit will not be issued without your signed Sewer Service Agreement. For fees, please see our fee schedule under Forms and Documents.